‘I foresee a future where the digital & physical world coexist’


Exploring the Digital Artistry of Andrés Reisinger 


Argentinian artist Andrés Reisinger occupies a distinctive realm within the contemporary art landscape—a dynamic intersection of the digital and the physical. Currently residing in Spain, with two studios in Madrid and Barcelona, Reisinger acts as a conduit between worlds, infusing his recognizable dreamlike aesthetic with a clear artistic vision.


His artistic journey encompasses a wide range of works, such as the textured Hortensia chair, the viral AI-driven Take Over project, and the radiant monolithic Crystal residence designed in collaboration with architect Alba de la Fuente. Reisinger’s work goes beyond mere visuals, delving into the possibilities and boundaries of the digital medium. By exemplifying the fusion of technology and art, he creates pieces that speak to the digital age while maintaining a connection to the tangible world. His most recent collaboration with Impressions by Secrets Hotel in Cancun is a case in point. The site-specific installation Impression, Sunrise, features his digital artworks

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