‘There’s nothing new in this world,’ says Yusko on blockchain rivalries


“We’ve talked about this over and over,” says Morgan Creek Capital founder Mark Yusko. “You can go back 2,600 years. Humans do what humans do. A thousand years ago, same thing. A hundred years ago, same thing. Now, the same thing.”

“And that is where we are.”

Speaking on the On the Margin podcast (Spotify/Apple), Blockworks co-founder Michael Ippolito notes that the numerous rivalries between blockchain ecosystems are not a unique phenomenon in human behavior. 

As has happened so often in the past, the distinctions between factions are usually based on subtle differences that eventually spiral into broader competitions.

“When it expands to the level of something like Bitcoin or Ethereum or these sort of inter-ecosystem competitions,” he says, “the vast majority of people don’t even understand what originated the argument to begin with.”

Ippolito points out that the “single biggest argument” centered on blockchains is based largely on a question that traces back to the original Bitcoin block-size wars: “How expensive should the requirements be for…

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