Bitcoin (BTC) Bull Run Date Indicated by Analyst PlanB


Vladislav Sopov

Stock-to-flow model author PlanB shared views on potential bullish rally for Bitcoin (BTC) and its ongoing accumulation

Bitcoin (BTC), the largest cryptocurrency, might enter its next bullish rally after the upcoming halving event. Analyst PlanB does not expect investors’ psychological patterns to change much in 2024-2025.

PlanB expects Bitcoin (BTC) bull run in 2024

Bitcoin (BTC) remains in an accumulation phase, and its performance is “on track” with another version of the stock-to-flow model published by pseudonymous quant analyst PlanB (@100trillionUSD in X). As such, a full-scale “bull market” is the next phase of Bitcoin’s (BTC) price dynamics, he stressed.

Asked about the exact dates of the next bull run rally, analyst PlanB shared the popular opinion about the halving event as…

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