Exploring the ‘Shared Vocabulary’ of Generative Art’s History


Generative art has exploded in popularity alongside NFTs—and is drawing further attention as AI becomes an increasingly powerful and accessible tool for artists. But generative art as a concept predates NFTs and the recent upsurge of interest in AI.

A new London exhibition, GEN/GEN: Generative Generations, running at Mayfair’s Gazelli Art House until October 7, aims to highlight the history of generative art—and place the rising stars of the NFT scene in a broader historical context.

“For us, it’s an important show,” Gazelli Art House founder Mila Askarova told Decrypt‘s SCENE. “It touches on the historical undertones and being able to link what was going on in the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s with the themes that are being explored by the current contemporary artists—and being able to highlight the similarities between these two different generations of artists.”

Aside from that, she added, it’s interesting for the gallery to “explore, on the curatorial level, how we as a gallery can navigate the space.”

GEN/GEN: Generative Generations. Image: Gazelli Art House


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