Stripe Launches the Biggest Set of Upgrades Yet for Its Optimized Checkout Suite


Stripe, a financial infrastructure platform for businesses, today added new features to its optimized checkout suite to help users increase their revenue by making it easier for their customers to complete a purchase.

The optimized checkout suite consolidates years of Stripe research into a set of products, tools, and features that businesses can integrate into their customer journey with minimal engineering effort. Today’s upgrades—which constitute the single largest bundle of new payments optimizations from Stripe to date—offer vastly more payment method choice for consumers, an easy way for businesses to support the top one-click checkouts, and the industry’s first no-code A/B testing tool for businesses to evaluate how different payment methods perform.

“What is the perfect checkout experience? It’s one where any legitimate customer, anywhere in the world, can complete a purchase in just a few seconds using their preferred payment method—and which requires minimal engineering effort from a business to build or maintain. That ideal may not…

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