The Truth Behind Cuba’s Bitcoin Revolution: Video


Cuba, a country known for its unique blend of rich history, vibrant culture and political isolation, is the focus of Cointelegraph’s latest on-the-ground documentary. The Truth Behind Cuba’s Bitcoin Revolution explores Bitcoin’s (BTC) impact in one of the world’s last remaining communist states. 

The documentary provides a firsthand account of how Cubans are using Bitcoin to navigate challenging economic circumstances, attract new businesses and save money in a censorship-heavy environment.

Journalist and Bitcoin enthusiast Joe Hall embarked on the journey to Cuba, determined to witness and capture the “Bitcoin revolution” that gained prominence in Alex Gladstein’s book Check Your Financial Privilege. Gladstein explains how Cubans have harnessed Bitcoin’s stateless, low-fee nature to escape financial oppression and secure their savings.

The documentary explores how Bitcoin has taken root in the Cuban financial landscape, brought to life through interviews and interactions with Cubans, as well as the…

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