Thing Token Shoots Up 1,000% and Blockchain Analysts Say This Lesser Known Crypto is Next – How to Buy Early?

X (Formerly Twitter) / Nothingsquer

As on-chain market activity continues to drive sensational gains in crypto markets, Nothing Token ($THING) has emerged as one of the latest break-out tokens on the market with an impressive +1,000% run poising price structure for a second rally-leg.

This comes amid a wave of activity in DEX trading, empowered by the emergence of Telegram trading bots – which enable even novice retail users to trade on-chain instantly with minimal risk to MEV bots and human error.

The impact has been staggering, with tokens such as Jinbe, шайлушай (Real Smurf Cat), and Emoticon all unlocking jaw-dropping returns in recent weeks.

As the latest on-chain project to explode, $THING is a legacy coin, first launched in Spring 2023 under nefarious circumstances – from a now suspended Twitter account ‘Nothingsquer‘ – with historic tweets alleging a scam-coin after $THING launched with a 25% sell tax, and a whale-wallet containing 40% of token supply.

$THING Price Analysis: Will…

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