Blockchain scalability is a ‘solved problem’ says Offchain Labs CEO


Blockchain scalability is no longer the biggest barrier for public blockchain adoption, says Offchain Labs’ Steven Goldfeder.

Goldfeder, Offchain Labs’ chief executive, said during the Real World Asset Summit held in New York City on Tuesday that the biggest challenges faced by ecosystems today center around the creation of tools with better user interfaces and regulatory compliance. 

“Scalability is very much a solved problem today,” Goldfeder said. He went on to note that scaling is a never-ending process that blockchain infrastructures today are equipped to handle.

“That’s not the problem that ecosystems are working on today. It’s about user interface and compliance,” he said.

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Resolving such issues would ease the path for larger institutions, including banks, according to Provenance Blockchain CEO Anthony Moro. 

That sentiment was shared by Charlie You, co-founder of, who said that existing institutions and users aren’t interested in the tech behind blockchain protocols. Rather,…

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