UD FinTech Hub Welcomes New Discover Bank Fund For Delaware

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Tahira Dosani, left, leads a FinTech panel with Vince Tseng of PartnerSlate, middle, and Avi Karnani of Pretax Hero.

One company helps small start-up food companies find additional investment to fill unexpectedly huge orders from a place like Costco or Whole Foods.

One company helps renovation companies get paid faster when they’re helping people get back into homes or businesses that have been damaged in some disaster.

One company helps employers make sure more of their employees’ wages stay in their pockets by handling pretax benefits for them.

All three are examples of financial technology at work, and owners of all three were in Delaware Monday to celebrate Discover Bank’s new $36 million Financial Health Improvement Fund at the University of Delaware‘s Star Campus FinTech Innovation Hub.

The Discover Fund, designed to benefit Delaware businesess, isn’t focused on the kind of health that takes people to doctors, hospitals and 5Ks.

It’s meant to help businesses that provide social and economic development, particularly for those in low-resource communities and…

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