Unreal Engine’s Tool Integrates LUKSO Before Solana, Bitcoin


Unreal Engine, a development framework for deploying interactive 2D and 3D content by Epic Games, has integrated LUKSO’s mainnet and standards in their recently enhanced Blockchain integration plugin, according to a September 19 tweet. The tool currently supports various platforms, including Polygon and Avalanche.

LUKSO Supported By Unreal Engine’s Blockchain Integration Plugin

The incorporation, LUKSO added, means users will be free to interact directly with universal profiles and flexible non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from games. Universal Profiles in LUKSO are interoperable and represent verified digital identities, giving users control of their online avatars and digital assets. 

Interested users can purchase and download the blockchain tool. According to Unreal Engine documentation, the plugin is a set of tools and libraries that allow game developers to integrate blockchain functionality into their games. This capability is possible since the plugin can communicate with smart contracts programmed using Solidity.

The engine can communicate with smart contracts…

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