Y3K Innovation Summit Demystifies AI and Blockchain for Marginalized Communities


While experts and pundits argue about how to rein in generative AI and decry bias in the technology, a group of tech enthusiasts gathered at the University of Southern California on Saturday to reach a different audience. The Y3K Innovation Summit was designed to show the community how AI, blockchain, and other technologies can be harnessed to benefit them.

“A lot of these universities get scared when they hear crypto or Web3,” organizer Tony Bravado told Decrypt in an interview at the Y3K Innovation Summit. Bravado is also a co-founder of the blockchain diversity group NFTCLT.

Launched in 2021, Charlotte-based NFTCLT Solutions provides education, community events, and resources to teach individuals about emerging technologies like blockchain, gaming, and artificial intelligence.

The Y3K Innovation Summit, Bravado said, was years in the making, and working with USC allowed Bravado and NFTCLT co-founder Shana Douglass to create a conference that was easily accessible to everyone, and not just those who could afford pricey tickets. Bravado said the plan is to host more Y3K…

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