The new game in town


Zynga just put the bear market in a headlock while showing the gaming industry possibly the best way to launch an NFT collection in these brutal conditions.

If you’re not familiar with Sugartown Oras, this was Zynga’s first-ever NFT mint for their upcoming Web3 game. The major game studio of course turned heads with their entrance into NFTs, but what really blew the community away was that their NFTs were completely free. Collectors didn’t need to worry about selling their last remaining prized NFT to afford this drop, which cannibalized other collections’ floors. Technically, that’s how many collectors will have to get in because Sugartown is sitting at a 0.32 ETH (US$528) floor price, at the time of writing. Collectors who didn’t get a whitelist for the free mint will need to pony up to hitch their wagon on this horse. 

The Zynga mint highlights the struggle of projects when it comes to pricing their primary sale. Trying to find the perfect price that collectors are willing to buy in while maximizing the amount of funds they can raise is like walking on a tightrope,…

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